Monday, March 22, 2010

Who: his name is Bob he is 63 years old
When: it is spring. wants to be a grandfather and retire.
Where: He lives in Houston Texas he is poor and he is eating in a local soup kitchen
What: He is eating in the local soup kitchen for lunch. He is thinking about being rich and having all the money he would ever need so he could eat so much he could be fat.
How: He is poor doesn't have a job or a house or money so he as to eat at a soup kitchen. He is gonna try to find a job to get money enough for a house.
Why: He wants to stay n the world to be strong for his kids which are now adults. wanting to find a wife because his former wife was killed when she got scrap metal dropped on her.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Deal One 1

On may 6, 1935, the work progress administration which stands for W.P.A. was made to help provide relief for the people in the united states but more for the people who were struggling threw he great depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president during the great depression. Art during the great depression gave at least 5,000 they made over 225,000 pieces of art for people in America. A lot of art from the great depression has now either been stolen or destroyed but some are still here and they are trying to preserve them.