Friday, January 22, 2010

class descussions we should have

I think we should talk about sports in class some time cause then I would get into the conversation and start talking alot more and I would know exactly what I would be talking about cuz I know way to much about sports. and if we didn't talk about sports we should talk about rappers and stuff like that since those are my favorite things to do. Play sports an listen to music.

poem that relates to speak

"I am the pig" by ann turner
I am the pig
and you are the wolf
waiting at the door
to gobble me up
and chew my bones
then spit me out and nobody is big enough
or fast enough
or sees enough
to keep it from

This poem relates to speak cause she is scared of Andy Evans because she thinks he will hurt her again if she goes near him or if she tells on him. She keeps her mouth shut and doesn't really talk to anyone. That is also how she feels that Andy Evans is the wolf and she is the little pig that is getting gobbled up.

my blog

No offense but I kinda feel weird putting stuff on the blog for everyone to see cause i really ain't into the poems and stuff like that I'm in to writing my raps and my hip hop songs so no offense to my teacher but I don't really like putting stuff on here everyone has there own opinions and different things they like to do.

maze runner

I'm reading a book called maze runner it is a good book so far it is interesting if you like mystery books. It's about kids that get put in this maze and not remembering anything about themselves or anyone. All of them are teenagers and they are put to the test to try to get out and they have a new kid come every single month but NO girls. The day after the main character gets there another person comes and its a girl and she has a note that says that she is the last person to come ever. If u want to know what happens read the book

Monday, January 11, 2010

my opinion: Capital Punishment

I think there is two crimes u should get the death penalty for beating a woman and raping someone. those are the worst crimes i think are out there maybe murder too but it depends on how many people and how u did it. all the other crimes are just jail time because if u beat a woman or u rape someone there gonna want u dead to feel safe because they aren't gonna be able to forget about it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He's Innocent

I think Steve is innocent because he is always mad. He is in jail for nothing so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is innocent. he gives a lot of body gestures and how he looks all the time its a racist card the jury is playing on him and that is not right.