Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poetry Friday was a good experience for me this year because it helped me understand poems better and helped me write better poems. I think people in my class didn't like i as much as much as others but i enjoyed it and i found out I'm pretty good at poetry when i try.


Well i liked blogging and i didn't like blogging at the same time. I liked it because we weren't always writing on paper and i got to practice my typing. The reason i didn't like it was because I don't like having to post my work and poems and opinions online for the whole world to see but other than that i enjoyed it. Also blogger was a quicker way of doing this then any other way possible

my english class

I really liked this years English class it was a lot of fun besides a lot of talking but other than that it was enjoyable. What book i like the most that we read was monster it was a really good book and kinda educational in a way. The poetry Friday was pretty fun it helped me on writing poems and how to understand poems when i read them. I accually talked a lot more this year in class discussions then i ever did before so it helped me be more social in a way.

ssr book post

The name of my book is City Of Bones it is by Cassandra Clare. The book is about a girl that can see things that a normal human cant like demons and angels and things like that and a boy named Jace comes along and he is one of them and he shows her his world. the girls has to help Jace fix his world. I liked this book more than other books because it was accually interesting. The type of people that would enjoy this book more than others would probebly be sci-fi lovers. The book is fairly long like 600 and something pages but it is really easy and quick to read.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R&J pic thingy's

I picked this one for Juliet because her relationship with Romeo is already a roller coaster ride and it seems that it is a up and down relationship with them even tho there not fighting people get in between them and they ruin it by getting Romeo kicked out of verona

I picked this one for Romeo because it looks like a sword. It has two dots in the picture and I think its sorta like how two people died with a sword. It has the sword and the two dots for Tybalt and Mercutio which Romeo played a part in both deaths and Tybalt he killed deliberatly and the other reason is because the way Romeos best friend died was that Romeo got in between Tybalt and Mercutio and Tybalt stabbed Mercutio.